About me

Three dogs, three teenaged kids, a Guinea pig and a fish. Widowed when my high school sweetheart/college sweetheart/husband was killed by a drunk driver in 2013, after we’d been together for 29 years. Disabled by multiple sclerosis, which got really bad after Chris died.

I run a small nonprofit I started after Chris was killed. The Christopher DeCrescito Memorial Foundation (CDMF) raises awareness about DUI and assists the families of victims. I went back to school through Johns Hopkins University to get my Certification in Nonprofit Management so I would understand better what I was getting into with CDMF.

I have been doing genealogical research for nearly a decade and would frequently be asked to help others in their own efforts. So, I decided to advance my education in that area, and completed the Boston University Certification in Genealogical Research. I then launched Holton Heritage Services. I used my maiden name for that, because Holton is easier for people to pronounce than DeCrescito!

You may see a pattern here; I value education and don’t do things half measure. So, I am currently working on achieving my master’s degree in public relations and corporate communications through Georgetown University, which will enhance all of my other interests. Hopefully I will graduate in August 2020.

I am a total history nerd. I am a research fiend. My tastes in music run from pop to country, classical to show tunes, and almost everything in between. For somebody born and raised in New York, I know a ridiculous amount about rodeo. I like understanding how and why things work the way they do, be it Wall Street mergers or DNA. I enjoy a cold Pina colada, smooth whisky, and dark chocolate.

Enough about me for now. Leave me a message or email me or text me and tell me about you!