Forgery, Love, and Other Lies by Charlie Lane

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“Forgery, Love, and Other Lies” is the second book in the ‘Art of Love’ series by Charlie Lane. This is a beautifully crafted Regency romance that combines famous fine art and glittering gems with compelling characters and irresistible intrigue. Although it’s part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone story.

Zander is a gentleman by birth, but technically, he is also something of a criminal. His late father was a voracious collector of every type of art – to the extent that he left his family in crippling debt. In an effort to help pay the bills and help his family survive, Zander had what he thought was a good idea; he had some of the priceless paintings in his father’s collection replaced by brilliant forgeries. Then he rented the originals to another voracious art collector. When Zander suddenly needs the originals back, he’s horrified to find out that the collector and the original paintings have vanished. Fiona is the daughter of a jeweler. Her parents hope she’ll make a successful match with a man of quality, so they’ve tried to give her skills considered appealing in a young woman. They never imagined she’d use her painting skills to become a brilliant art forger. Art forgery is a capital crime, and when Zander discovers her identity, her attempt to help him is also an attempt to help resolve get out of the mess she unintentionally helped create.

This is a complex story but it’s well-written so it’s easy to read. Zander and Fiona have chemistry that sparkles on the page. Scenes and settings are descriptive without being overdone, and the dialogue is excellent. Characters are complex but remain true to themselves even as they develop. The secondary characters are vivid and add additional depth to the story. The ending ties everything together perfectly. It’s clear who the next story will be about, and I’m already looking forward to it.

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