Under the Radar by Melanie Moreland

Release Date: Available Now

“Under the Radar” is a story that sneaks up on you and grabs you right in the heart. The fourth book in the ‘Reynolds Restoration series by Melanie Moreland, it offers wonderful characters
who prove that the family we choose can be much more important than those to whom we are related by blood. If you read the last book in this series, you’ll recognize the main characters
right away, but if you haven’t it’s alright because the author has created this to be a strong standalone story. Chase grew up always getting in trouble with his older brother. It was a path of destruction and self-destruction that landed them both in prison for their misdeeds. When something they did ended up being worse than Chase ever intended, he was determined to try and make it right. Part of that included offering sincere, heartfelt apologies to Charly, a woman he’d wronged. Not only did she accept his apology, she ended up taking him under her wing and actively helping him get his life on a new path. Grateful for the blessings in his current life, Chase admires Officer Hannah but knows he isn’t worthy of her. After all, she’s a police officer and he’s an ex-con. Hannah knows that she isn’t perfect – far from it. She’s moved to a small, quiet town to get a fresh start, away from trauma in the big city. When she and Chase and up as roommates in a house rental, their shy mutual attraction becomes stronger in ways neither expected. Chase and Hannah are wonderful characters, the kind you wish you could hang out with on a Friday night. They have a passionate connection but there is also clear friendship and humor between them as well. The secondary characters are excellent, and their distinct personalities
come shining through. In addition to the emotions conveyed so effectively by the main characters, Charly tugs your heartstrings, especially in connection with Chase. This is such an
entertaining series, and I’m looking forward to book five!

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