Wanting the Winger by Jacob Chance

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My review:

“Wanting the Winger” is the first book in the ‘Charleston Coyotes Hockey’ series by Jacob Chance. This is an opposites attract love story with a relatively low angst level. It brings together a single mom who works in a pricey pet salon and a successful professional hockey player.

Evie works as a dog groomer for a few reasons. The work schedule fits her complicated life, she gets to use her artistic skills, and who doesn’t like spending time with dogs? An added bonus is that it has nothing to do with sports (particularly hockey) – something she abhors. Darius is a popular NHL hockey player and he’s proud to be a Greek Mama’s boy. He gets along great with his teammates and loves his tight-knit family. When he picks his dog up from the posh grooming place, a mistake has the dog sporting something Darius definitely didn’t request and doesn’t like. What he does like? The woman working at the place. The attraction he and Evie feel for one another is immediate, and once the first step is taken on the path to exploring it, there’s no going back.

There are several unexpected twists within this story, each of them with important consequences. As Evie and Darius find their way through stumbling blocks arising from avoiding certain conversations, they also become increasingly important to each other. There are plenty of steamy, sweet, and silly scenes that work well together to keep the story moving forward. Good secondary characters fill the pages, and it’s nice to realize that many of them will appear in other books of this series. I enjoyed the conclusion, and look forward to the next book in the series.

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