Savored Innocence

Savored Innocence
by Measha Stone

My Review:

“Savored Innocence” is the fifth book in the ‘Innocent Brides’ series by Measha Stone. Although it’s part of a series, it’s written so it can be read and understood as a standalone story. I do think if you’re familiar with the series you will be able to get more out of some of the subtext, of course. This is an age-gap Mafia romance that includes an age-play dynamic.

Roman has been interested in Billie for a couple of years already, but the timing and the situation just weren’t right. Things have changed and he’s determined to change their relationship as well – by developing a relationship with her that is no longer a distant one. When unexpected circumstances present an opportunity, Roman is ready to use it for his advantage. Billie has been intrigued by Roman since the first time she saw him but was convinced that he didn’t even notice her. She couldn’t have been more wrong. But she knows he’s in a dangerous “business”, and she’s already hiding so many secrets of her own…… Getting involved with him is just not a good idea. However, we all know that “bad” ideas frequently lead to the best stories.

Roman and Billie are both interesting characters and the chemistry between them is frequently intense. There are some good secondary characters who appeared in other books in the series, so it’s nice to get updates on what’s going on with them. Although this is a dark romance, it’s not particularly dark (if that concerns you). There are multiple scenes that include domestic discipline, but nothing too over the top. I thought the ending tied up the story nicely.

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