Dirty Justice

Dirty Justice
by Em Petrova

My review:

“Dirty Justice” is the seventh book in the ‘SEAL Team Blackout’ series by Em Petrova. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed story filled with passion and suspense. You can read and enjoy it as a standalone story, but I do think you’ll appreciate more aspects of it if you’re familiar with the series already.

AJ Apollo has been missing and presumed dead for several years. His death devastated his girlfriend, Indika, and his fellow Navy SEALs. There have been reports of glimpses of different places in the world, and unsubstantiated rumors that he might be alive after all. When he “returned” from the dead as part of the culmination of .the previous book in the series, it was a huge shock for everyone. Now we get to experience his story! We also get to know much more about Indika, who happens to be an ICE agent. Apollo’s “death” truly devastated Indika, and she’s not so willing to just let go of the fact that he faked it all. So, while he tries desperately to and a dangerous terrorist threat, you also has to try to make Indika understand why he did what he did, and persuade her to give them another chance.

There is plenty of danger in this story, including dangerously intense emotions. It’s all balanced well by moments of humor, great dialogue and banter, and physical chemistry that might make you blush. This book is a page turner; I wanted to find out how the terrorists would be stopped, and how Apollo and Indika could possibly get past the devastating events in their past. If you’re familiar with the rest of the series, you’ll appreciate seeing the secondary characters who appeared in other books. As with the rest of the series, I thought this was a great story.

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