Desperately Seeking Seduction

Desperately Seeking Seduction
by Heather Boyd

My Review:

“Desperately Seeking Seduction” is the second book in the ‘Scandalous Brides’ series by Heather Boyd. I never read the first one, so I speak from experience what I tell you that you can read and enjoy this historical romance as a standalone story.

Dane Winston goes by the nickname Win. From the time she was born, her mother disguised her as a boy to fool her father into thinking he had an heir. Obviously, it’s made her life extremely complicated and often dangerous. When she gets a job as a temporary valet to Lord Stanford, it becomes even more difficult… And confusing. He’s an interesting character – a talented artist, perpetually late, always disorganized, but relentlessly personable. When he’s trying to figure out why he’s attracted to his valet, his confusion is endearing. Once he figures out her secret, the chemistry between them soars even higher.

I enjoyed Win and Stanford individually, and together. The secondary characters were terrific and varied. Stanford and his three brothers had a relationship that any real people would envy. Each of his brothers were unique in their own right, especially one that apparently has a wife and children living elsewhere! The staff in the house and the houseguests included some excellent personalities. There were serious emotional moments and plenty of amusing ones to balance it out. I enjoyed the ending very much. I intend to go back in the first book in the series and I’m looking forward to the rest.

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