One Bossy Offer

One Bossy Offer
by Nicole Snow

My Review:

“One Bossy Offer” is an enemies-to-lovers, grumpy-sunshine, sexy neighbor next door story by Nicole Snow. It’s the fourth book in the ‘Bossy Seattle Suits’ series of slightly interconnected standalone stories. If you’re familiar with any of the other books that came before this one, you’ll enjoy the cameos and cross references of some characters and locations.

Jennifer inherits her grandmother’s old B & B with all the wonderful memories it holds for her, and all the expensive repairs it will need if Jennifer wants to bring it to life again. When her grandmother’s neighbor, Miles, knocks on the door and offers are an outrageous amount of money to buy the place, they instantly become adversarial. Jenn is a marketing professional, and he is the owner of a media empire. When he offers to hire her to coordinate a media boost for the town they both love, the tension and the attraction becomes even wilder.

This is not a quick read, fortunately, because you don’t want to let go of the characters at the end. They are both so multidimensional and interesting, and the way each grows because of the other is terrific. The dialogue and banter are top-notch. I also enjoyed the secondary characters, including the handyman who is also interested in Jenn, and the valet whose worked for Miles’ family since Miles was a child. There’s even a villain from Miles’ past who will make you want to reach in the book and shake her – or worse. Oh, and I forgot to mention the two giant Dobermans Jennifer also inherited! So much goes on in the story and it’s all entertaining. The ending was terrific and included a surprise that might make you cry, and one of the greatest grand gestures ever.

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