by Ashe Barker

My review:

One of the great things about this author is that when you open one of her books, you never know exactly what to expect. You do know, however, that it will be good! “Chameleon” is an intriguing story that goes in unexpected directions.

Kieran is a mining engineer, taking soil samples in the desert of Morocco. When he sees a Berber peasant passing by on a donkey, he can see little of her except her eyes – and those captivate him. Almost immediately after they pass one another, a hole in the road causes him to crash into an olive tree and she rushes to assist him. He quickly learns that she is anything but a Berber peasant. Fleur is a highly educated medical doctor who works for the Four Seasons, where Kieran is staying on his brief visit to the country. The romance progresses very quickly, although it doesn’t feel forced at all.

Fleur has a complicated background, but it’s all presented in ways that make it easy to understand. She’s experienced trauma in her past that caused her to repress her private desires, but Kieran sees and welcomes her truths. The physical connection that quickly blooms between them unlocks even more feelings in them both. There are BDSM scenes, but everything is completely consensual. Among the secondary characters are her family members, who add a lot to the story. Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. I thought the satisfying conclusion was surprisingly emotional, and I really enjoyed it.

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