I Would Never… Except When Bad Love’s for Good

I Would Never… Except When Bad Love’s for Good
by Maria Ann Germaine

My Review:

“I Would Never… Except When Bad Love’s for Good” is certainly a bit of an unusual name for a moment novel, but when you read this story by Maria Ann Germaine, it suddenly makes perfect sense. This is a standalone, contemporary MC romance that combines friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, and other familiar themes in a creative way.

Maicy is no simpering damsel in distress, and she puts a lot of effort into hiding the sensitive side of herself. Jake is a guy who presents a gritty façade the world, no one knowing the other side of him that used to be exist – except Maicy. As this story is revealed, the reader learns about how their past together shaped their separate current lives.  Along with the emotional aspects of the story, there are twists and turns and unexpected developments, plus plenty of steamy scenes. Nothing is easy for Maicy and Jake, and that’s what makes it so satisfying as they fight for a happy ever after that neither is willing to admit that they want.

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