Highland Strength

Highland Strength
by Celeste Barclay

My Review:

“Highland Strength” is a novel that will take some serious emotional strength to read, but it’s certainly worth it! This is the fifth story in ‘The Clan Sinclair Legacy’ series by Celeste Barclay. They are interconnected stories, that also connect back to other great series by the same author. Each book has been thoughtfully written so that it can be enjoyed as a standalone, while still fitting in perfectly among the rest. There are some potential triggers in the storyline, so take the author’s warnings seriously, please.

This is one of those reviews that’s tricky to write because I don’t want to spoil the powerful storyline. Greer and Thormud (Thor) each embody different types of strength. She is best friends with his twin sister, but the complicated connection between them encompasses far more than that. As their history is revealed, so are the incredible depths of pain each has suffered. There are times you might wonder how there could possibly be a happy ending to this story … You just have to hang in there and trust the author.

Be forewarned that this story contains some complicated political and clan rivalries, alliances, and complications. The author does an excellent job explaining everything, but if that part is confusing to you at all, don’t worry about it because you can definitely understand and enjoy the story without grasping the finer nuances about those things. The emotional relationship between the main characters is the focal point of this story, and it’s powerful. There is intense physical chemistry, and some lighthearted moments as well. The secondary characters are numerous and well-depicted, and if you’re familiar with other books by this author, you’ll probably recognize many of them. I’m looking forward to reading the next story in this series!

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