Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians
by Kevin Kwan

Review by Nicholas Landecho:

In this satirical romantic comedy, author Kevin Kwan gives us the tricky relationship between the wealthy and the definitely-not-wealthy; a fully Asian man and an American-Asian woman trying to balance their love for each other and the complications of their very dissimilar families.

Nick Young brings home his longtime girlfriend, Rachel Chu, to spend the summer in Singapore with his family.  Sounds like a match made in heaven at first – but wait until Rachel finds out who Nick really is. Nick happens to be one of Singapore’s top bachelors and is insanely wealthy, the kind of rich you have so much money you don’t know what to do with it. Coming from a middle class family of a single mom, and having to work for a living, Rachel is anything but rich. She is in for quite the ride. Upon meeting Nick’s mother, she is utterly turned off by Rachel completely. Having been American-born Chinese, and coming from no money, she’s the exact opposite of what Elanor (Nick’s Mom) had wanted for her son. Elanor assumes Rachel is after Nick’s money and she is not one to back down from protecting her child.

“You love your children so much, you do everything to try to protect them, and they don’t even appreciate it.”

As Rachel and Nick start to finally feel comfortable in Singapore, the family and friends start circling in around Rachel… In order to protect him from what they think is a grave mistake.

“What is this, Harry Potter?” Nick sniggered. “That’s what you just sounded like. Yes, I am aware that even now dark forces are trying to sabotage me.”

Overall, I quite thoroughly enjoyed this book and even enjoyed the movie. As per usual, make sure to read the book before watching the movie if you can, as it always provides a bigger and fuller picture. Characters were simple, funny, and if you love high society and drama, this one’s for you.

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