Bad Boy Bachelor Valentine

Bad Boy Bachelor Valentine
by Ali Parker and Weston Parker

My review:

“Bad Boy Bachelor Valentine” is a sweet and steamy, thoroughly enjoyable story by Weston Parker and Ali Parker. It’s a great fit for Valentine’s Day, but also for any time of year at all.

Hart is a successful male supermodel who really doesn’t have time or patience to date; he wants to be wanted for who he is as a person, not how he looks on the outside. When he needs a date for an important awards ceremony, his long-time agent sends him to a computerized matching service created and run by Juliet. She’s a successful businesswoman, who is basically sacrificed having a love life of her own in order to help others find their own meaningful relationships. Each year she runs a one-month intensive matching program aboard a cruise. She manages to make room for Hart even though it’s already sold out, and neither of their lives will ever be the same.

Hart and Juliet are both wonderful characters and from the very beginning you want each of them to have a ‘happily ever after’. Their conversations and interactions are entertaining, and they have sizzling hot chemistry between them. Many of the secondary characters are unique and frequently hilarious. Some of the things that happen aboard the cruise are so funny that I laughed out loud. Much of the relationship drama is brought on by the two lead characters wrestling with their own consciences and getting their priorities in proper order. The story is easy to read, and such a pleasure that even though I loved the ending, I was sorry to see it end.

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