Not So Wicked

Not So Wicked
by Adele Clee

My review:

“Not so Wicked” is the second book in the ‘Scandal Sheet Survivors’ series by Adele Clee. It’s a captivating story, beautifully written, with wonderful characters who make you wish the book could go on much longer because you don’t want to say goodbye to them.

Mina is desperate to prevent a dual between her ne’er-do-well brother and Devon, the masterful gambler to whom he owes a fortune. In her desperation she acts in a way no respectable young lady ever would, and that immediately kicks the story into high gear. Within these pages there is a marriage of convenience and a murder mystery skillfully woven together. I’m trying to be careful not to reveal too much about the plot of this well-crafted story, because I think it’s best if you experience it the way the author unfolds it. I will tell you that in addition to murder, there is mayhem, scandal, loyalty, betrayal, and plenty of twists and turns. There are also enough lighthearted moments to balance everything nicely. The historical details are vivid but not overwhelming, which enables you to envision everything clearly but keeps the focus on the characters and their story.

Mina and Devon have powerful chemistry, and the fire between them steadily increases until it lights up the pages. You want them to solve the mystery, resolve their respective issues, and find their happily ever after – and all the emotions that come up along the way are supremely satisfying. The variety of secondary characters are clearly depicted. They round out the story as well as keep it moving along. If you’re familiar with other books by Adele Clee in this or any related series’, you’ll enjoy seeing certain other characters appear here. If this is your first book by this author, no worries, it can absolutely be enjoyed as a complete standalone. Be warned – you’ll probably find yourself digging into the author’s previously published work for more, in which case you’ll find all her books are equally excellent. I’m already looking forward to the next scandal sheet survivor!

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