One Bossy Date

One Bossy Date
by Nicole Snow

My review:

If you’re familiar with books by Nicole Snow, then you don’t need me to tell you that when you pick up “One Bossy Date” you’re in for a great time. It starts off with a wildly unexpected encounter between a young woman who embodies sunshine and a man who embodies stress, morphs into a very special date, and ends up as a workplace romance full of angst and drama. It’s not a short book, but I couldn’t put it down.

Brock has taken as over as CEO of the phenomenally successful international hotel empire his grandparents built. He runs it like a tyrant, obsessively making sure that everything, everywhere, is as perfect as can be. Pippa is weighed down by real-life stress and serious family responsibilities, but she has the innate ability to find joy in things including travel and birds. She’s working on bulding her dream career as a travel influencer. These two have personalities that shouldn’t work so well together… but they do. There’s a lot to this story, including potential corporate sabotage, loyalty, betrayal, a great friend and a great executive assistant, spoiled seafood, a beloved sibling, a grandfather who can rock a bright green suit, and a villain who will make you want to reach into the book and get some justice for a lot of people. Did I mention there’s also a penguin who should work for the Postal Service?

Despite all the great things I mentioned while trying to not give away much of the plot, the most amazing parts of the story are the ways in which Brock and Pippa develop as individuals, and in their relationship with one another. It’s true that you might want to shake either or both of them at different times, but as the story progresses, I think that’s perfectly normal.  I enjoyed the way the author slipped in a few characters from other books, and businesses that have been featured before in some of her other stories. The ending of this book was wonderful, and the epilogue beyond wonderful. I’m happily enjoying my book hangover.

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