Debt of Sacrifice

Debt of Sacrifice

by Piper Stone

“Debt of Sacrifice” is the third book in the ‘Eagle Force’ series by Piper Stone. It’s an intense and steamy story that goes in unexpected directions, with characters that are more multidimensional than you might initially expect. This book can be read as a standalone story.

Gabriel is recruited to a highly secretive, special operations force wherein operators act individually; there are no team dynamics.  Each of the men brought in is given a different assignment. His mission is to protect Greer, a woman who was the only eyewitness to a high- profile murder. Greer looks small and delicate, but she’s tough as nails. She can’t believe her life has been upended the way it has been … again. As they tried to keep her safe until the organized crime members guilty of the murder are brought to trial, things become increasingly complicated. Even some of those entrusted with helping to keep her safe seemingly cannot be trusted at all. Then, drama and trauma from Gabriel’s past also becomes a factor in trying to keep evil at bay.

The connection that develops almost immediately between Gabriel and Greer is extremely steamy. Their kinky connection adds to the mix of drama, suspense, betrayal, loyalty, mystery, secrets, lies, and more. Both characters go through unexpected challenges and changes on the way to a satisfying conclusion.

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