Bad Boy Bachelor

Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving
by Weston Parker & Ali Parker

My review:

“Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving” is an opposites attract, city boy – country girl, work placement moments from the writing team of Weston Parker and Ali Parker. It’s part of an ongoing ’Bad Boy Bachelor’ series focusing on different holidays. Each book is a standalone, and they all have been consistently entertaining. It’s a fun holiday read but could be enjoyed at any time.

Trey has the full-time job of putting together New York City’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The book version is somewhat different from the real-life version, but it is equally as daunting a project to be spearheaded by one person. There is a lot of pressure, and he feels all of it. Although he’s been doing this for years, he can’t find an assistant who is capable, smart, able to be proactive, and has all the other qualities he needs. When he goes out to a farm in a more rural area to pick up a thousand pumpkins he ordered for the parade, he encounters Macy, the quintessential farmer’s daughter who is basically running the entire operation herself. Macy is struggling to keep the farm in business because her father won’t modernizeand they really can’t afford to modernize it anyway. When Trey sees in her qualities that he needs in an assistant, he makes her a job offer that she can’t bear to turn down. As the story progresses, we learn much more about bothered main characters, losses in their pasts, their immediate family members, and their internal struggles. The physical attraction between Trey and Macy further complicates everything.

I liked how much Trey and Macy each recognized and appreciated the good qualities in each other. They each have somebody in their respective lives to confide in who helps them face the hard truths when necessary. There are a couple of grand gestures in the story, one of which might even make you sniffle a little. The ending and the epilogue were great. Now I’m left hoping the authors will let us see Macy’s best friend and Trey’s brother again in another story because they were both intriguing characters.

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