Irresistible Trouble

Irresistible Trouble
by Pippa Grant

My review:

“Irresistible Trouble” is the fourth book in the great stories Pippa Grant has created about the Copper Valley Fireballs, a professional baseball team. It’s a second chance love story with excellent, multidimensional characters – yet it’s so much more than that.

Waverly and Cooper dated very briefly eight years ago, until it ended suddenly in a cloud of confusion that left her with a broken heart and put him on the road to being a decidedly unattached playboy. He became a professional baseball player, and she became a pop music superstar. When life brings them together again, their powerful connection immediately resurfaces. I don’t want to give away any of the plot really, because it would do a disservice to the way it unfolds. Suffice to say, it’s a well-balanced blend of the expected and the unexpected.

The author makes the characters so “real” that you’ll be tempted to ask Alexis to play Waverly’s biggest hits for you, and search Google for Cooper’s highlight reels. That delightful realism makes everything they experience hit harder and with greater intensity. Just like real people, Waverly and Cooper are multidimensional. There is a lot of strong emotion in this story, and all different types of humor; some parts may make you giggle, other parts might cause you to snicker, and still others will make you laugh out loud. But be prepared, more than once you made yourself tearing up.

If you’ve read other related books by this author, you’ll pick up lots of connections that make the story even more enjoyable. If you haven’t, you can still enjoy this one, but you want to go and check out some of the others – which Grant helpfully lists. The secondary characters in this story are interesting and entertaining, and an even more dimension. Many of them are featured in their own books, as well.

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