by Colleen Charles

My review:

“Wheeler” is the second book in the ‘Vegas Venom’ series by Colleen Charles. I’m not usually a big fan of second chance romances, but this one was terrific. You do not need to have read the first book in the series in order to thoroughly enjoy this one.

Anders is the popular captain of his NHL hockey team; he’s a great guy as well as a great hockey player. He hooks up with women occasionally, but he’s never pursued a relationship with anyone because no one has ever interested him the way a woman on his last collegiate spring break did. She was a nature photographer with a fascinating personality, and the physical connection they shared was incredibly intense. Years later, he still thinks of her often. Although he’d tried to find her, they only ever exchanged first names. His team sent him to do a photo shoot and when he gets to the studio, he’s shocked to find that the photographer is Stella – the woman he’s been unable to forget. Excitement turns to bitter disappointment when she doesn’t recognize him. However, destiny lends a hand; he sees her again because circumstances have her linked to the family of his best friend. For the record, Stella has never forgotten him either, and there’s a very good reason for her not initially recognizing him.

I loved this story so much! Anders and Stella were excellent characters with relatable feelings and fears. Anders is especially adorable in how he’s not afraid to admit to himself how strongly he feels about Stella. It’s great that the book is told from dual points of view, so we really get to understand what each of them are thinking throughout the story. The heat of their physical connection will light up your Kindle, and at the same time the sweetness underlying everything is always there. The secondary characters provide excellent balance and humor, moving the story forward and giving us insight into the mindsets of the main characters. Also, any book with sloths is automatically a winner! The ending was perfect – you can feel the joy in it. I really hope to see more of Anders and Stella in the next book of the series, which I’m eagerly awaiting!

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