Autumnal Equinox

Autumnal Equinox
By: Joseph Massey

Sober for once, for what—
for the words to budge.

We spent summer propped up
by each other’s stuttering.

There are seasons here
if you squint. And there’s

relief in the landscape’s
sloughed off cusps of color

fallen over the familiar
landmarks, the familiar

trash—things that last.


About the Author:

(Excerpt is taken from;

Joseph Massey is the author of Areas of Fog (Shearsman Books, 2009), At the Point (Shearsman Books, 2011), To Keep Time (Omnidawn, 2014) and Illocality (Wave Books, 2015) as well as 13 chapbooks and various limited-edition broadsides and folios.

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