Love by Accident

Love By Accident
by Weston Parker

My review:

“Love by Accident” is an accidental marriage story set in Las Vegas, the capital of impulsive decisions and drunken mistakes. This is a story in the ’Wedding Bells Alpha’ series by Weston Parker. Although it’s connected to the rest of the series, it can be read as a complete standalone.

Reece was left at the altar in a previous story and found out his fiancée had been cheating on him. In Vegas for wedding, he drowns his sorrows in too much liquor and marriage to a beautiful woman that he’s just met. Constance, also known as CeeCee, had been expecting her longtime boyfriend to propose … but he didn’t. Fed up with her father’s domineering control over her life, and her boyfriend’s calculated manipulations, she drowns her sorrows in too many pink cocktails and marriage to a handsome stranger. When they wake up after their passionate wedding night, they are both hung over and stunned at what they’ve done. Cue the complications! Constance is an heiress and the head of a major charity that helps children. In her drunken haze she made an additional bad decision and posted her nuptials on social media. If she and Reece get a quickie annulment to erase the quickie marriage, the damage to her reputation and that of the charity will be long-lasting.  In their frantic efforts to minimize the problems swirling around them, Constance and Reece decide to lie, and then need to lie again and again as the tangled web gets more and more complicated. Interference from other people, particularly her father and her ex-boyfriend, make everything even worse.

I was glad to see Reece get his own story told and was an even bigger fan of his by the end of this book. Although sometimes Constance was a bit ridiculous, overall, she was an empathetic character. As a couple, they had hot chemistry, excellent dialogue, and witty banter. They really deserved their happy ever after. The secondary characters were great, and the villains were perfectly dastardly and despicable. I enjoyed getting caught up with many of the other secondary characters who had their own books earlier in the series. I also thought the ending was wonderfully done!

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