The Perfect Wrong

The Perfect Wrong
by Nicole Snow

My review:

“The Perfect Wrong” combines a dirty-talking leading man, a virgin heroine who doesn’t want to be one, and a forbidden love situation that throws them both for a loop. Although the story is a standalone, if you are familiar with the author, you’ll likely recognize some of the secondary characters from some of her other books.

Over the summer before senior year of college, Delia accepts a challenge and a bet put to her by her best friend; loose her V-card to a man of Delia’s choosing, or her friend will choose for her and Delia has to go through with it. The universe drops Chris, the hottest guy she’s ever seen right in her path on the beach, and Delia almost wins the bet that night. They have to take a rain check, but the next day before they can bring it home, they find out they’re sharing a home … her father’s nasty new wife is Chris’s mother. There’s a lot that happens in this story, and I don’t want to ruin it for you by giving too much away. I will tell you there are evil cartel members, a scorching hot trip to Vegas, sneaky behavior, a secret mission, and more.

Delia’s father and Chris’s mother are great characters, even though sometimes you might want to shake him and choke her. The chemistry between Delia and Chris might make you blush and wonder if you really read what you just read! There are also some incredibly intense scenes when Chris is out of the country on a mission. I was surprised at the variety of emotions are woven into the story from start to finish. I thought the ending was excellent, and so satisfying!

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