Twisted by Release

Twisted by Release
by B. B. Hamel

Release Date: Available Now

My review:

“Twisted by Release” is a story I’d describe as a combination of a dark mafia romance and a college bully romance. This isn’t the usual type of mafia book, but it works well. This is the third book in the ‘Iron and Lace’ series by B. B. Hamel.

Kaye starts attending college at an extremely unique one that’s located on a isolated island. She presents herself as simply an incoming freshman, but she actually has a much more important goal than getting an education; she’s there to avenge her sister’s murder. Emilio is a handsome upperclassman who runs an influential and exclusive club on campus, whose members live together in a house. Although Kaye is using a different last name, he immediately recognizes her for who she is. Her sister died in a tragic accident on the island the previous school year and he was the last one to have seen her, except Kaye doesn’t think it was an accident at all. Emilio is a member of the Bruno Famiglia, and he’s running his own secretive operation right there on the island. The attraction between Kaye and Emilio is immediate and intense, but she suspects he’s a killer and he suspects that she’s up to no good.

I thought this story was well-crafted with a bit of suspense and some excellent twists and turns. There are some steamy scenes between Kaye and Emilio, and all the one gets a little wild, nothing is too crazy. Lots of good secondary characters are there on the island, some of whom end up playing interesting roles in the story. This book held my interest from the intriguing beginning to the satisfying conclusion.

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