More Than Tempted

More Than Tempted
by Adele Clee

Release Date: Available Now

My review:

When Adele Clee releases a new novel, I absolutely can’t wait to read it. And when that novel introduces a new series, it’s even more exciting. I can honestly say I’ve never read a bad book or less than excellent series from this author, and “More Than Tempted” certainly meets that high standard. It’s the first book in the ‘Scandal Sheet Survivors’ series. If you’ve never read a historical romance novel, this one is a great place to start.

Helen has been in love with Nicholas, her brother’s best friend, since she was just sixteen. She knows he sees her as if she was just his little sister, so she keeps her mouth shut about it and her heart to herself. Meanwhile, Nicholas and his best friend made a sworn pact to not get married. It’s his torment that in recent years he’s developed very un-brotherly feelings towards Helen. He’s certainly not going to bring it up to either of them, because he knows Helen sees him like a sibling. The situation becomes trickier when Helen’s brother increases her dowry to compensate for a bit of a scandal linked to her name, and Nicholas is being tasked with helping to find her a husband. Everything gets even more complicated when Nicholas finds himself being blackmailed, and then framed for murder. Helen is ferociously determined to help clear his name. Prompted by everything going on, they have dramatic revelations to make to one another that will change the course of their lives … if they can clear his name.

This is a romance novel so when you read it you realize there’s going to be some type of happy conclusion, but the story is so well-crafted it might make you might forget that! The main and secondary characters are vivid, and often unexpected in their depth. I thought it was nicely paced and it kept me thoroughly engaged with everything going on and all the possible outcomes. There’s a sweet authenticity to the connection between Helen and Nicholas, and when the dynamic shifts the steamy results could fog up your eyeglasses or your e-reader. This series is off an amazing start and I’m looking forward to the next scandalous story.

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