Interview with a Fellow From In Here subscriber

From In Here Featured Subscriber: Melissa Hartley

Nick: Hi Melissa, my name is Nick, and I work for Denise From In Here. She wanted to ask you a few questions so we, as well as the rest of the From In Here community, can get to know you better.


Melissa: Hi Nice to meet you, Nick!


Nick: You as well! Congrats on being our second From In Here featured subscriber! Can you give me a general introduction about yourself?


Melissa: I am a very kind-hearted & compassionate person. I’m very sensitive and an introvert definitely! I enjoy reading, movies, entering contests, shopping, dining out, and spoiling my 2 grandbabies (Kobe 5 and Flora 3 months).


I also love British & Swedish cultures. My dream is to visit London someday! I am also a big animal lover and advocate for the disabled community since my oldest son has Down Syndrome.


Nick: Awesome, that sounds lovely. You have a beautiful family. So, let’s get started.


What’s your favorite blog post From In Here? Is there any topic you want to see discussed in future posts?


Melissa: I love the book reviews and contests.


Nick: Nice! Besides Denise (haha), is there any other person you enjoy reading material from?


Melissa: I love Nicholas Sparks just because I still believe in romance and finding a good person to spend your life with. His stories are so heartwarming and positive.


Nick: Very cool, and following that question, what is your favorite book of all time?


Melissa: I love the Harry Potter and Twilight series 🙂 and my childhood favorites: Little House on the Prairie and Nancy Drew.


Nick: I’ve read some of those as well, I love it!


Okay next question, would you rather win the lottery or have your dream job, why?


Melissa: Winning the lottery would be a blessing for sure. I could pay my home off and buy a better (or new?!) car.


Nick: That makes a lot of sense, I’m sure many other people would do the same.


Nick: What’s your favorite type of food? Do you have a family favorite recipe?


Melissa: I adore Mexican food so much!! I love making a beef stew or beef tips in my Instapot–one of the best inventions ever!!


Nick: Aw nice! We found a recipe that we think is pretty similar to what you’re describing so our readers can make it if they’re interested! /


Nick: Okay next question, what’s your favorite family tradition or thing to do during the holidays?


Melissa: Spending Christmas Eve with my family. We get carry out pizza and pop to drink, open gifts.


Nick: Aw that sounds like fun. Following that, what’s one thing you wish everyone knew about you?


Melissa: Although I’m quiet for the most part, I do have a sense of humor.


Nick: And the last question, What makes you smile?


Melissa: Most definitely my family and my orange tabby cat Tiger.


Nick: Love that ending. Well, thank you so much for sharing your answers and speaking with me today Melissa, enjoy the rest of your day, and congrats on being a From In Here featured subscriber!


Melissa: Thank you for having me!


I hope you enjoyed learning more about our fellow From In Here reader, Melissa Hartley. If you’re interested in being featured in our subscriber highlight, reach out to to express your interest! We’d love to showcase more readers from our growing community From In Here!


Melissa, thanks again for letting us get to know you better. Keep an eye out for a surprise gift on its way from us to you and your family!

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