Highlander Healed

by Jayne Castel

My review:

“Highlander Healed” is a medieval Scottish romance by author Jayne Castel. It’s the third book in the “Courageous Highland Hearts’ series, but it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone. This is a fast-paced story filled with emotion, passion, and drama.

Jean doesn’t understand her own intense attraction to and fascination with Robin. Yes, she finds him physically attractive, but it’s more than that. Something about him cost her in a way she doesn’t understand but can’t ignore. When it becomes known that he needs a new chatelaine (a woman to oversee and manage the needs and supplies of his vast household), she boldly volunteers herself for the role. Although worried that he’s making a mistake bringing her into such a critical aspect of his life, Robin does it anyway. After his wife ran off with his own brother several years ago, Robin was left still married in the eyes of the church and vowing to never again trust a woman. Despite his best efforts to maintain his distance, Robin is fighting a losing war with himself.  He’s as attracted to Jean as she is to him. Their mutual physical attraction is immensely compounded by the fact that they truly like and respect one another.  Factor in his young daughter, drama in the household, and rivalries with other clans and the result is an interesting, action-packed story.

I thought this book was well-written and contained enough researched material to make it feel authentic without weighing it down. The emotions of both main characters are nicely conveyed and believable, and their physical connection is intense. Some light-hearted moments balance out the heartbreaking ones. There are a good number of secondary characters that help bring the world to life without it becoming confusing at all. The conclusion was beautifully done and satisfying. I’m intrigued by this series and intend to read the next book about the 4th sister, as well let’s go back and start from the beginning.

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