Chips Fall

by A Parker, Ali Parker

My review:

Have you read any of the books in ‘The Devil’s Luck MC’ series by Ali Parker? If not, jump right in with book 5, “Chips Fall” and then you’re going to want to go back and read them from the beginning. This is a terrific story and is written so that it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

Brody is a skilled and respected medical doctor at a local hospital. His ‘brothers’ in the motorcycle club prefer to use his nickname, ‘Chips’.  His medical career and his life in the MC keep him extremely busy. When he was a teenager, his mother had been married for a while to a man who had a daughter that Brody has never forgotten, even after their respective parents divorced and everyone moved on. His teenage heart had been in love with Andy, the teenage daughter of his stepfather, and he still sometimes thought of her, wondering where she was and how she was doing. When a young woman is dumped outside the emergency room, overdosing, Brody is shocked that he recognizes Andy from those youthful days. Andy has been struggling for years to be independent and self-reliant.  But she’s been on a gradual downward slide that accelerated recently and landed her in trouble that almost killed her. Brody and she are equally rocked by the realization that the evil monster who has been battling the MC for a long time is the same one who had been terrorizing her and her coworkers, and who caused her overdose. It’s a terrifying situation with no easy solution.

From beginning to end, this book has nonstop action. The two lead characters have unique personalities and a complicated relationship with unusual history and depth. Because the story is told from dual points of view, we get to experience the individual inner turmoil Brody and Andy feel as well as their interactions with each other. The chemistry between them is scorching hot. Throughout the book, the dialogue between all of the characters is smartly, sharply written. If you’re familiar with other books in the series, it’s terrific to see featured characters from those appear as secondary characters here. All of the characters in this book contribute to the intensity of the story. Brody and Andy have a happy conclusion to their personal part of the story, but the overarching storyline in the series continues on. This is such a well-written and entertaining series, and it seems to somehow keep getting better and better. The next book can’t come out quickly enough!

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