by Celeste Jones

My review:

“Adam” is an engaging romance with a best friend’s brother trope. I always seem to enjoy stories by Celeste Jones, the author of this book, and I certainly enjoyed this one. It’s already clear that her ‘Montana Billionaires’ series is going to be a good one.

Adam has the responsibility of his family’s massive cattle ranch and other businesses that they own. While on a weeklong business trip dealing with some of those other business responsibilities, he meets a beautiful young woman with whom he has a ‘no names exchanged’ one-night stand. The next day he’s already regretting that he doesn’t know who she is because their connection was so powerful. Kit is anxious to see her best friend from college. In the hotel bar the night before she meets an incredibly attractive man and does something very uncharacteristic of her – she spends an anonymous night with him, exploring their intense physical chemistry. It’s a night she knows she’ll never forget. It saddens her that she doesn’t know who he is, and that she’ll never see him again. You’d think finding themselves face to face right away again would make them both happy, right? Well, there’s a serious problem and its name is Boone … the woman who is her best friend and his little sister, and is the one person in the world who would never tolerate Adam and Kit being together.

This book makes you feel as good as a Hallmark movie, if only those included steamy parts like the hot ones in this book! Adam and Kit are both likable characters. Each is struggling with their own personal angst and is struggling against the attraction to the other. The various secondary characters bring additional poignancy, depth, and humor to the story. It’s a romance novel, so I knew there would be a happy conclusion to the story, but it still had me smiling because I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to seeing all of these characters again as the series develops.

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