Fake it for Us

Fake it for Us
by Weston Parker

My review:

“Fake it for Us” is the 6th of the “A Faux Love Novel’ series by Weston Parker. They are all individual standalone stories. It’s a slow burn, single dad, forbidden nanny romance with more emotion than you might expect.

Journey is a free-spirited Louisiana native on vacation in New York with her best friend, enjoying themselves as best they can on a tiny budget. She gets a brochure about the Faux Love escort service and finds out it’s a legitimate business, nothing illicit. Journey gives it a try and is amazed at the amount of money she makes.  August is a British billionaire whose wife left him when their daughter was you’re practically still a baby. The woman abandons them both for her another continent and another rich man. It’s been years, but it still burns. Currently he needs a new nanny and also a date for an upcoming gala event he must attend. When they need , August is impressed by Journey and he asks if she’d be interested in being a nanny also. It seems like that wouldn’t make sense … but when you read the book, you’ll see that it does.

Journey and August each have their own hang-ups and quirks that sometimes make you laugh and sometimes make you want to shake them if you could only reach into the book. There is one primary bad guy who is so bad I couldn’t even handle it! The connection between the lead characters is natural and dynamic, and it made me want them to reach there happily ever after as badly as stage did. I thought the ending was absolutely perfect for their story. I hope the author continues on with this terrific series.

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