Undercover Colton

Undercover Colton
by Addison Fox

My review:

“Undercover Colton” is the 5th book in the ‘Coltons of Colorado’ series by Addison Fox. This is the first book in the series I’ve read, so I’m confident when I tell you it can read it as a standalone without negatively affecting the story. A quick pace makes this romantic suspense particularly engaging.

FBI agent Dominic Colton is a straight-laced operative who never blurs the line between business and his personal life – not that there’s very much of the latter. He’s learned some hard lessons in life, and as a result, doesn’t do relationships. He’s working undercover in construction, on a project where the estranged daughter of the prime suspect in a huge drug smuggling case is also working. He’s supposed to get close to her if possible, and try to find out if she knows anything about her father’s activities, or is even involved in any way. Dom is well trained and prepared for just about anything … except the intense chemistry that flares between him and Samantha (Sami) Evans. Sami loves the landscaping business she’s built, but she wishes she had more of a personal life. She’s an only child, no mother, and her father was more interested in leading his motorcycle club than in being her parent. They’ve been completely estranged for a decade. When the attraction between Dom and Sami lands them in intimate circumstances, suddenly his true identity is revealed. Once she gets over her shock, Sami has an idea about how to help Dom.

I thought this book was entertaining and well-written. The dialogue is good, the main characters and secondary characters are vividly depicted, and the tension rises throughout. The relationship between Dom and Sami moves fast; just enjoy the ride, don’t overthink it. Both lead characters have a lot of inner conflict and personal turmoil from their respective pasts that affects the present and influences the future. A lot of that emotion was powerfully conveyed. I thought the ending was solid and satisfying. I’m certainly going to read another book in this series.

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