My Final Love Affair

My Final Love Affair
by Ali Parker

My review:

“My Final Love Affair” is the 12th book in the ‘Bancroft Billionaire Brothers’ series by Ali Parker. Don’t worry if you’re not yet familiar with the series, because you can enjoy this story as a standalone. I will tell you that every book I’ve read in the series has been just as good as this one, and that’s saying a lot. The structure of this story is a little different from most, but don’t let that throw you at first, because it really does work beautifully.

Pierce is a good guy. He has a business constructing unique, special housing for homeless veterans. It’s meaningful work and fills his life. Trying to find the right woman is no longer a priority for him, and he’s OK with that. When he goes into a local bookstore to buy a gift, he’s startled to find a precocious little girl ‘working’ there. Charmed as he is by little Millie, her mother Meredith really takes his breath away. Meredith has been a single mom from the very start, working hard to provide her little girl with everything she needs. She’s just as interested in Pierce as he is in her, but in addition to her responsibilities for her daughter, her ex keeps coming around looking for help and handouts. Trust is not something that comes easy to her, and taking chances terrifies her.

This is an excellent story but it’s not a quick read, and the author takes great delight in cranking the emotional wringer! The chemistry between the two lead characters is intense, and their relationship feels authentic. There were times I wanted to hug each of them, and other times I wanted to reach into the book and shake them. There are a few subplots connected with the romantic storyline, and it all comes together beautifully. There are lighthearted moments to balance the serious ones, and secondary characters that added even more depth to the world in which Pierce and Meredith live.

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