A Lady Never Swears

A Lady Never Swears
by Christina Wordham

My review:

“A Lady Never Swears” is a Regency era historical novel by Christina Wordham. It’s an opposites attract, slow-burn love story with likeable characters and compelling intrigue. This entertaining story also includes forced proximity and fake relationship factors.

Aaron has found a successful and rewarding life in the military, abiding by strict rules and regimentation that will prevent him from ever possibly becoming a wastrel like others in his family.  Now he’s inherited a position he never thought nor wanted to be his, and an important military mission has him trying to determine if a member of the British aristocracy has become a traitor to the Crown. Paired with Marius, a young Frenchman who is loyal to England, they’re conducting surveillance while hidden within a closed wing of a sprawling manor. Peyton is a young woman alone in the world. She’s currently surviving by ⁠hiding in unused rooms of a manor house, and pilfering food from the kitchens. Wondering who spots who first? I’m not going to tell, so you should really read the book!

Although she’s at first reluctant, Peyton ends up persuaded to assist Aaron and his team in completing their mission. The story goes in directions you’ll expect, and some directions you might not expect at all. While the suspense surrounding Aaron’s mission continues to build, the attraction between Aaron and Peyton also continues to grow. They are such polar opposites, yet both are very likable, each in their own way. There are a good assortment of secondary characters; I particularly liked Marius and Catherine. I enjoyed the ending, although I will say I don’t think Aaron did anything for which he needed to apologize. Still, it was terrific that he did.

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