Do You Have Pet Peeves Like Mine

With all the big stuff going on in our lives and in the world, I thought it might be good to take a step back and focus on the little things … little things that irk, irritate and make us crazy. You know what I mean – the pet peeves that make us extraordinarily peevish.

Here’s a list of mine. Would any of them make your list, too?

  1. Loud chewing, or people chewing with their mouths open. Unless you have some medical issue causing this to happen, you need to stop it.
  2. People who are chronically late. Yes, it can happen to anyone now and then. But for all the people who say “everyone knows I’m always late” and thinks that makes it OK – it really isn’t. It’s rude.
  3. People who scuff their feetas they walk even though they’re perfectly capable of picking them up correctly.
  4. People who chew gum loudly and try to blow bubbles right in your personal space.
  5. The weird feel of chalk.
  6. People who don’t cover their mouths when they cough. If you don’t have to wear a mask and don’t choose to, fine. But do you have to cough over everybody? Coronavirus or not, it’s still disgusting to do that.
  7. People who discuss being on a diet while you’re in the middle of eating something unhealthy.
  8. People who say “ew” to the food on your plate. Yes, I like to dip bananas in sour cream. What’s it to you?
  9. People who eat food off your plate without asking first. So rude! Also, people who ask if they can have some of your food at the same time that they make a grab for it.
  10. People who say “no offense” as if it makes the rude thing they’re about to say somehow less rude.
  11. People who say “literally” when what they mean is not literal.
  12. When people intentionally crack various body parts and say “Did you hear that?”
  13. Hearing people bite their nails.
  1. People who rapid-fire text sentence fragments so your phone gives an alert every second. For example, the text “Hey” then “Did you” then “hear from” “Lisa” then “or John” all within seconds.
  2. Misspelled signs.
  3. Misspelling my name when it’s right there in an email.
  4. Food that only pretends to be organic.
  5. People who talk over you when you’re clearly still in the middle of the sentence.
  6. When people say “on accident.” It’s BY accident.
  7. Mis-pluralized last names on holiday cards. Hint: Don’t sign it “The Brown’s.”
  8. This non-apology: “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Saying that isn’t clever. It’s just annoying
  9. People who seal a ziplock bag without removing the air first.
  10. People who say “myself” instead of “me” or “I.”
  11. Adults who say “yummy” or “yummo” to another adult.
  12. When people say “cool beans”
  13. Having to click out on excessive ads on an online article
  14. Super-duper picky eaters
  15. When people speak or argue out of ignorance or too much laziness to check facts. This includes people who repeat everything they see on TV or the internet, without checking out any facts.
  16. Finding out there’s no more toilet paper when you’re in the bathroom and need it
  17. When people say “literally,” “essentially” or “basically” waytoo often. Same for ”um”, “you know”, and “like.”
  18. Smelly food in small spaces
  19. When people litter — and the trash can’s right there!
  20. When people talk during a movie — shhh!
  21. “New year, new me” social media posts
  22. There” when it’s “their,” or “their” when it’s “they’re”
  23. When people use the word “hate” but really mean “dislike”
  24. If you use a wheelchair or other mobility device when people lean on it like it’s furniture for them. In the same situation, when people put their stuff on you or your device because they can’t comprehend how that’s rude.
  25. When people speak to somebody with a disabled person about that person, instead of addressing them directly.

Do you have any pet peeves? What’s the one that annoys you most? Send me an email at I’d love to see what bothers others, who knows, maybe it’s something I do currently!

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