Hot Dog Summer

Hot Dog Summer
by Lola West

My review:

“Hot Dog Summer” is a short story by Lola West that certainly packs a lot into its pages. This is part of the “Hot Happily Ever After Summer series of short, scintillating standalones.”  This is such a good story that you’re going to wish it was longer; don’t hold that against the author, because it’s part of a series of short stories.

Natalie and Carter have history that took a particularly bad turn when they were both 13. The animosity between them remained firmly in place right through high school graduation. Now, a decade later, their 10-year high school reunion and one friend they have in common help put them firmly on a direct collision course again.

This author’s writing style pulls you quickly and completely into each scene.  The characters are relatable and so are their situations, in the past and in the present time. When Natalie and Carter get beyond the miscommunication that derailed them for so long, the chemistry between them is incredible. I also enjoyed the ending, and how at first it seems to be heading in one direction, but then we see firsthand how much time has changed the main characters for the better of them both.

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