Highland Bear

Highland Bear
by Celeste Barclay

My review:

“Highland Bear” is the second book in the ‘Clan Sinclair Legacy’ series by Celeste Barclay.  She has a few series set in the medieval Scottish Highlands that feature storylines connected to one another. Don’t worry if you’ve never read any other books in any of the series, because everything can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

Blake is a young man from a legendary family of Highland warriors. Although he likes to have a good time, his moral code is as strong as his body. Carys is from a family long in conflict with that of Blake. She has no love for her father and the rest of her relatives, treat her as nothing more than a pawn in their games of politics and grasps for power.  When they meet at court, sparks fly between them even though their families have been enemies for a long time. Separately and together, they are drawn into complicated webs of desire and intrigue.

Watching Blake and Carys trying to figure out and survive the chaos that threatens to invalidate them is nail-biting experience. Alliances and betrayals, complicated by twist and turns, are hidden around every corner and lurking behind every tree. Just when you think the story can’t get any more intense … it does. Simultaneously, the overwhelming attraction between Blake and Carys grows swiftly and steadily into a love that will face incredible challenges. When you start reading this book be prepared to be unable to put it down before the very last page.

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