Beautiful Villain

Beautiful Villain
by Piper Stone

My review:

“Beautiful Villain” is a dark mafia romance, and the first book in the ‘Sinners and Saints’ series by Piper Stone. It’s an intense story, and it took some thought before I could craft my review.

Candy is a waitress at an Irish pub owned by one of her cousins. She’s in New York City scraping by while she tries to achieve a dream that can only happen there. She ends up in a confrontation with Kirill, the huge, green-eyed man who has the apartment above hers. There’s a lot of steamy activity in this book, some with dubious consent – but there are warnings about that lso I didn’t mind.  Kirill is the lead enforcer for the Russian mafia in New York, He and Candy develop something of a mutual obsession.

There’s an interesting story here having to do with politics between rival mafias, and to do with unions. For me, sometimes it got lost a bit among all the repetition about Kirill being a monster, and how special Candy is. They do get something of a happy ending, and he turns out to have the ability to be a good man at least for her. I will definitely read the next book in this series.

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