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When I launched this blog just over two years ago, I had multiple goals in mind. One of those goals was to have a place where people could find a combination of entertainment, information, support, encouragement, and acceptance. The blog and my social media are entwined in those pursuits.

The number of people my platforms reach is simultaneously humbling and inspiring to me. I’m not a celebrity, not an influencer, I’m just a person sharing things out there in the universe and hoping to somehow connect with other people. It’s an incredibly satisfying experience. Through all of it I’ve ‘met’ so many amazing people. Regular people of every imaginable description, each impressive and unique in their own way.

I realized that I wanted to feature people, anyone who was willing. The first person I approached was one of the very first people who emailed me, and an early subscriber to the blog. I hope you’ll enjoy meeting Ian, and that maybe you’ll considering stepping into the spotlight yourself. See the bottom of the page for what to do!


Nick: Hi Ian, my name is Nick, and I work for Denise From In Here. She wanted to ask you a few questions so we, as well as the rest of the From In Here community, can get to know you better 🙂

Ian: Hi Nice to meet you, Nick!

Nick: You as well! Congrats on being our first From In Here featured subscriber! Can you give me a general introduction about yourself?

Ian: I’m a 42-year-old man, married to the love of my life with 2 sons, both 17, and a furbaby named Squiggy. I’m a loyal, caring friend. I’m In the LGBTQA+ community.  I’m disabled, physically and mentally.

Nick: Awesome, that sounds lovely and you have a beautiful family. Is there anything you like to do in your free time, say hobby-wise?

Ian: Sure, my hobbies are listening to music and being online, and entering Sweepstakes. Some of my music loves are wide ranging of genres, I really love 90s music, especially 90s Alterative, Nirvana and Linkin Park, Green Day, 21 Pilots, and I love Halsey, pink, Ryan Cassata, Lady Gaga. Lucas Graham, Lewis Capaldi, Harry Styles, 2Pac, pretty much as my wife says depressing and dark like my sense of humor. Similar to my taste in poets.

Nick: I love listening to music as well, by the way, is there a favorite blog post you’ve read on the From In Here website?

Ian: My favorite blog post: You Don’t Have to Forgive Everyone or Everything.

Nick: Nice! Besides Denise haha, is there any other person you enjoy reading material from?

Ian: My favorite author is Emily Dickinson. She reminds me of myself.

Nick: Very cool, how does she remind you of yourself? And by the way, did you know we featured Emily in our poetry corner From In Here? You should definitely check it out! What about your favorite book of all time? What’s the name of it?

Ian: She reminds me of myself in the fact I used to write pretty dark poetry and isolate myself, and my favorite book of all time is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz!

Nick: I’ve read that one as well, I love it, keep an eye out for a book review on that in the near future on the From In Here website. By the way, do you have a favorite Emily Dickinson poem?

Ian: If I had to pick a favorite of hers, it would be I Measure Every Grief I Meet. I love reading her work while Squiggy is on me.

Nick: Aw, so cute! Do you have a favorite picture of you and Squiggy you can send me?

Nick: Squiggy is adorable! Looks like a nice cuddle buddy to read with. I have another question for you, random, but what would be your dream job in a perfect world?

Ian: I would want to be a paramedic because I would feel a sense of purpose.

Nick: Very nice, do you have any favorite foods by the way?

Ian: My favorite food is artichokes! I also enjoy strawberries 🍓and watermelon. #1 is coffee.

Nick: Do you have a favorite artichoke recipe you’d be willing to share? I also love coffee as well, Denise may even love it more than I do! Another question, what’s your favorite family tradition or thing to do during the holidays?

Ian: We make artichokes in the instant pot and then dip them in garlic melted butter. My wife and I stay home and do Thanksgiving and Christmas where we give plates to our neighbors.

Nick: Can you share with me the instapot method you use to prepare artichokes? And how do you like your coffee?

Ian: Instapot for artichokes is the steamer setting and steam them and when they are done I love melted butter with garlic powder mixed in. As for my coffee, well I drink Decafe coffee hot and iced all day long switch back and forth. the hot coffee with Zero Sugar French vanilla creamer and 6 splendas, and iced coffee is decaf also with Lactaid 2 percent and 6 Splendas.

Nick: Aw nice! We found a recipe that we think is pretty similar to what your describing so our readers can make it if they’re interested!

Nick: May I ask you two more questions before I let you go, what’s one thing you wish everyone knew about you, and what makes you smile?

Ian: I wish people knew that I am extremely sensitive and I have feelings.  I’d give my shirt off my back for anyone. And I smile when I see kind people paying it forward. Love, people living their life

Nick: Beautiful way to end this interview, thank you so much for sharing your answers and speaking with me today, enjoy the rest of your day, and congrats on the From In Here featured subscriber!

Ian: 🦥  thank you for having me! I hope you have a wonderful week

I hope you enjoyed learning more about our fellow From In Here reader, Ian Parker. If you’re interested in being featured in our subscriber highlight, reach out to to express your interest! We’d love to showcase more readers from our growing community From In Here! Ian, thanks again for letting us get to know you better. Keep an eye out for a surprise gift on its way from us to you and your family!

10 thoughts on “Meet a fellow From In Here reader – Will we feature you next time”

  1. Hello, Ian! Nice to learn about you. I like stuffed artichokes but haven’t made them in a long time. Do you have twins? I do, as well. Except mine are in their 30’s LOL! Hope you have a great day! Best regards and good luck with your sweepstakes 🙂

    1. Hi thank you so very much. I accully messed that sentence up . I have 2 boys my now 18yr old and my furbaby squiggy. . Also aww that’s neat twins .I hope you have a great day to. Thank you so very much .I do my best .

  2. Hi Ian, I love artichokes too but I usually stuff them with a bread crumb mixture and then steam them on the stove. I will have to try them your way! Thanks

  3. Absolutely love this! And Absolutely love getting to know Ian. He is a kind big hearted person. Love that he is always taking time to help other people.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww my Ian and Squiggy are awesome. Love you Ian hope you both have a wonderful day.

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