Savage Predator

Savage Predator
by Felicity Brandon & Delta James

My review:

“Savage Predator” is the third book in the ‘Masters of the Deep’ series by Felicity Brandon and Delta James. These paranormal romances feature shark shifters, a concept with bite! The series has an overall story line, and within that each book focuses on a different couple. You can enjoy this book as a standalone and will still be able to understand what’s going on in the bigger story, but I think you do get more out of it in that regard if you’ve read the previous books.

Flynn is usually content with his life. The sea gives him peace, mission and everything regarding the Kracken give him purpose, the other men on his Navy SEAL team are his family and friends. he has no trouble finding a willing partner when he’s in the mood to be with a woman. But very recently he’s been feeling a sense of disquiet; and to be honest with himself, he’s envying the relationships two of his teammates are enjoying. When he sees a beautiful woman across the ground a huge resort Flynn can’t figure out why he’s so powerfully drawn to her – it’s an unfamiliar feeling. Devon is an extremely successful Navy lawyer. Sent to the Mexican resort to investigate the assassination of her mentor, an Admiral, she quickly discovers that there’s more to the terrible event than she’d even suspected … and she already had a lot of suspicions.  One thing – one tall, handsome thing – she never expected was to meet a man like Flynn. Her overwhelming feeling of connection to him is unprecedented.

When Flynn and Devon actually meet, the attraction they both felt separately is magnified and their relationship blazes into existence. It naturally falls into a D/s power exchange dynamic … which turns out to be quite the opposite of their respective positions in the Navy chain of command. Even more complicated than that, however, is the fact that Flynn is somehow involved in Devon’s investigation. As the pieces slowly fall into place, the intensity of the story keeps increasing. Multiple twists and turns add to the overall intrigue. The secondary characters are interesting and provide some lighthearted moments. The ending of the book was good, and positions us perfectly for the next one in the series. i never even imagined something like ‘shark shifters’ before this series, and now I’m looking forward to learning more about the next one.

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