Give Me Forever

Give Me Forever
by Weston Parker

My review:

“Give Me Forever” gives us a fake relationship that blossoms into real emotion and much confusion for the lead characters. This is the 5th book in ‘A Wedding Bells Alpha Novel’ series by Weston Parker. There are interconnecting characters between the books that appear in this story, but you need not have read any of the others in order to enjoy this one.

After Hunter sells the patent for a medical therapy device he invented, he’s suddenly a billionaire and the phone is ringing off the hook every day with people wanting him to invest in them or other things. He needs to hire a personal assistant to handle the chaos so he can continue being a physical therapist as well. Hailey is sure she’ll never find love, but that’s OK because she’ll just keep putting all her love and attention into the event planning business her family owns. When she finds out the family business is going to go bankrupt because of investment mistakes her father made, Hailey knows she has to find another job to keep the business afloat. A mutual friend puts her in touch with Hunter, who hires her as his personal assistant. When he’s advised to find a fiance to make his image more solid, Hailey gets a promotion to that higher paying, more visible position at his side. The chemistry and rapport between them quickly kicks in and makes life very complicated for them.

Hunter and Hailey are both interesting, multidimensional characters. Their connection is dynamic; the push and pull between them is simultaneously entertaining and frustrating. There’s an infuriating villainess in the story, wonderful friends, and some sweet family members. Overall, I thought this was a solid addition to a great series.

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