Following Maggie

Following Maggie
by Melanie Moreland

My review:

Sometimes you have to stop and listen to the quiet inner voice inside your heart that begs desperately to be heard. “Following Maggie” by Melanie Moreland is a perfect book to remind you of that fact. The book is part of a series of standalone, ‘insta love’ stories by different authors.

Sebastian is a young man who’s given up on his dreams and is headed to where his cold-hearted father lives, unhappily going to join him in living a life that fills his heart with dread. Maggie is heading back to the only place that ever felt like home, even though death has stolen her primary joy in being there. They meet in the airport where both are caught in a weather induced layover. They don’t exactly meet initially; he wakes up from the awkward position in which he’s fallen asleep and find her there, staring at him. The chemistry between them is intense and overwhelming. They both end up taking a chance and extending their time together past the airport, and to her destination.

This novel is a quick and easy read. But don’t let that fool you, because somehow the author manages to still imbue the story with a tremendous amount of emotion. Sebastian and Maggie tug on your heart, rip it out, stomp on it, then put it back together, put you back together, and make it all feel good. There is no terrible angst between the lead characters, but there is pain and negativity from other people that will shred them if they let it.  This is a beautiful story. It’s a sweetly spicy reminder that when you have love, you have everything you need to feel at home and at peace wherever you are.

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