The Cowboy SEAL’s Second Chance

The Cowboy SEAL’s Second Chance
by Janalyn Knight

My review:

“The Cowboy SEAL’s Second Chance” is part of the ‘Cowboy SEALs’ series by Janalyn Knight.  In this excellent addition to the series, two people who have each suffered terrible heartbreaks must decide if it’s worth the struggle to find the courage to love again.

Reaper is the nickname Austin gained early in his career as a formidably lethal sniper. You could almost say that death is his business, but when it cruelly takes his son and his wife, he can’t see much of a future for himself at all.  Courtney is a beloved 3rd grade teacher who no longer believes in love – at least not in her own life. Her disastrous marriage taught her that you can have fun with a guy for a few hours but anything more than that is doomed from the start. When Reaper and Courtney meet they both feel the physical attraction, and both are sure that it’ll never be more than that because more than that isn’t possible.  So what are they to do when they both aren’t willing to let it go after just a night?

I thought this story packed a surprisingly powerful emotional punch. The lead characters were likable and believable, and their pain shimmered off the page as effectively as did the connection between them. I knew there’d be a happy ending, but I was still anxious for them to get there because their personal pain and their internal struggles were so real!

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