Breaking the Speed Limit

Breaking the Speed Limit
by Melanie Moreland

Release Date: Available March 31st

My review:

“Breaking the Speed Limit” is a fast-paced story that races into your heart, hugs all the corners, then does a slow victory lap while you smile and sigh with satisfaction. It’s the second book in the ‘Reynold’s Restorations’ series but it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

Stefano is a good guy who’s had bad experiences trying to find the right woman. He tries to be content as an uncle to the many children of his many siblings, but deep inside he really wants more than that … but he doubts it’s going to happen for him. Gabby is a single mom trying to find a safe life for herself and her son. Life has taught her hard lessons about the need to never again rely on anyone else. When a chance meeting brings Stefano and Gabby together, his offer of kindness is met with her distrust and disbelief. Despite that, neither of them can deny the physical attraction that immediately exists between them. It’s a book, yes, but the struggles of the main characters are so very real. This story is full of heart; it’s heartbreaking, heartwarming, heart-stopping, and heartening. Stefano and Gabby are both multidimensional characters, and they each grow and change throughout the story because of their connection. Be warned, Stefano is one of the best book boyfriends I’ve ever encountered.

There are wonderful secondary characters in this book. Theo, Gabby’s son, is such an amazing ‘little man’ that I wanted to take a turn babysitting him. I thought Stefano’s mother was wonderful and wish I could stop by her house for Sunday dinner. The friends in this story are delightful, and you’ll be familiar with many of them if you read the first book in the series. (If you haven’t read that book yet, this book will make you want to go back and do that.) The villain is despicable. The ending of the story is exciting, and the epilogue … oh, that epilogue! Melanie Moreland creates the kind of epilogues that make a reader sigh and smile in satisfaction, and this one certainly does that. Bravissima!

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