Fake It For Real

Fake It For Real
by Weston Parker

My review:

How do you have a quick Vegas marriage and then a fake engagement to the same woman?  “Fake It For Real” is the entertaining story by Weston Parker that makes it all make sense. It’s a story filled with wonderful characters, nonstop action, and more emotion than you might expect,

Griffin is the cherished son of a fantastically wealthy family. He’s made his own fortune, wanting to prove his own worth in the world. Although he’s grown up with every privilege, he’s a good and responsible person – he doesn’t act like a spoiled, overindulged and shallow man-baby. Kristen is used to figuring things out on her own. She’s a talented designer, and a very hard worker. Griffin is celebrating a successful business deal, and Kristen is celebrating her best friend’s upcoming wedding, so both happen to be in Vegas at the same time. They end up having a wild time together … and sharing his hotel suite after a visit to a Wedding Chapel.  Months later, Griffin has to go to Greece for family reasons and he needs a woman by his side to help demonstrate that he’s a serious man planning to get married and settle down. He decides to hire a professional, and for complicated reasons, that turns out to be Kristen. It gets more complex from there when Griffin’s family becomes increasingly involved.

This is one of those stories that draws you in right from the beginning and keeps you involved till the last paragraph. I’ve been careful not to give you any spoilers, because this story twists and turns in unexpected ways that you should experience for yourself.  Griffin and Kristen are extremely likable characters. The chemistry between them is sizzling hot. Both the dialogue and descriptions of the settings are nicely done; you feel like a fly on the wall watching the events unfold. There’s an unexpected ‘villain’ whose behavior is despicable. There are some good secondary characters, particularly Kristen’s best friend Josie and Griffin’s cousin Nicholas. I thought the ending was terrific, although it was sad to say goodbye to the characters – and that itself is another indicator of how much I enjoyed the book.

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