Claimed for Good

Claimed for Good
by Ali Parker

My review:

“Claimed for Good” is the 8th book in the ‘Business of Love’ series of interconnected standalone stories by Ali Parker.  Be warned, this is a wonderful story and it’s very hard to put down. Once you start to read it, you may not be able to stop until the last page is done.

Davis is a man who doesn’t believe in love stories. Although he’s a talented tattoo artist, he’s made a lot of people happy by removing the tattoos that were once put on as a tribute to a love that has since ended. That, along with his experiences during his military service, have left him jaded. He needs a special woman in his life, but he doesn’t know it yet. Grace owns multiple daycare centers in New York. Managing her business and her family’s expectations for her to get married and have her own kids, keeps her busy and under pressure all the time. Being dumped by her boyfriend has further complicated her life and increased her mother’s efforts to find her a man. When Grace gets to escape to Nashville for the wedding planning of one of her former roommates, she’s glad to have a chance to get away for a couple of weeks. She never expects to meet a man like Davis, nor could she have imagined the effect he’d have on her life. When a disgruntled man Davis can’t help with a tattoo removal decides to attack Davis’ business, Grace ends up helping him with a plan to try and stop the damage.

I’d love to talk about so many parts of this story, but I don’t want to risk ruining it for you. The lead characters are multidimensional and so interesting. The chemistry between them is steamy and fun, and although it is a part of their dynamic, it’s not all there is to their connection. If you’re familiar with the series at all, you’ll recognize many of the secondary characters, but if you aren’t don’t worry; They all make their personalities known quickly. This is a more emotional story than I expected it to be. If you find yourself tearing up a couple of times don’t be embarrassed, you’re not alone! I appreciated the way both characters grew and changed over the course of the story. Davis in particular was much more than I expected him to be. The ending was excellent and I’m looking forward to the next book from this author. Ali Parker never disappoints.

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