Kiss or Dare

Kiss or Dare
by Charlie Lane

My review:

“Kiss or Dare” is the third in ‘The Debutante Dares’ series by Charlie Lane, and I’m happy to say that the magic of this series continues to sparkle brightly.  You can enjoy this as a standalone, although I do think it’s even better if you’ve read the prior books in this series because then you’ll recognize the main characters from let’s start. Characters from the previous books make appearances in this one. If you haven’t read those other books yet, don’t worry because you’re still going to love this one.

Lord Devon is the second son of a Duke. Despite being handsome, charming, and wealthy, he has major insecurities. He wants to be a self-made man. Devon doesn’t want to be thought of only as a ‘spare’ in case his brother, the current Duke, dies.  He’s always out there in society but he feels like nobody really sees who he is inside. Lillian has always been a quiet wallflower. Although not of the nobility, she’s accepted into their circles because her father is a renowned inventor and a favorite of the monarchy. Her secret crush has long been Devon, but she knows she’s invisible to him. A pivotal moment happens between them and Lillian decides she’s going to reinvent herself and find love, letting go of her foolish crush. Of course, in life, love, and the storylines of wonderful novels, things rarely go as planned. What Devon does next, she never could have expected.

On the surface this is a beautifully light-hearted book. Underneath it all, though, are some serious truths about the pressures put on us by the world and put on us by ourselves.  It’s a well-written story. I particularly enjoyed the dialogue between all the characters, especially between Lillian and Devon. Their banter is smart and witty, and the chemistry between them is scorching hot. The coffee humor was clever and fun; I wish I could tell you more about that, but I don’t want to ruin even that for you.  Secondary characters in this story are varied and entertaining; I think my favorite was Lillian’s father! The ending of the story was nicely done, and the epilogue made me laugh out loud. I’m looking forward to more in this series.

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