The Slot

The Slot
by Colleen Charles

My review:

“The Slot” is the first book in the ‘Rochester Riot’ hockey romance series. This book has been updated from the original version, which I’d never read. The author provides a good Foreward including a potential trigger warning if “… you’re easily triggered by awkward high school sexual experiences or foggy consent undertones …”. When an author gives you a heads up, always take it seriously and don’t later judge the book unfairly for those reasons. The warnings refer to things that happened in the past.

Eloise is a smart, well-educated businesswoman with even bigger goals and aspirations. She’s been hurt more than once by men in her life and has developed protective shields around her heart and her emotions. Cole is the first man to pique her interest in a long time.  He’s not a stereotypical pro-athlete indulging in debauchery all the time. After a powder sugar laden, sweet meet-cute, Eloise and Cole have a slightly slow burn and very endearing development of their connection.

There are several heartbreaking moments in this story, and a couple of repugnant secondary characters. Some justice is done, and that’s always a good thing. Towards the end of the story Cole has a wonderful conversation with his mother which immediately made her one of my favorite characters. I enjoyed the ending, and will definitely check out the rest of the series.

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