The Manhattan Men

The Manhattan Men
by Jacob Parker

My review:

“The Manhattan Men” are exactly that – the men of the Manhattan Family. They are rich, powerful, and influential lawyers, and they make the rules under which they live. This novella introduces us to the family and focuses on eldest brother Bram, in particular.

Bram extremely happy with his bachelor lifestyle. At his family’s annual New Year’s Eve party, this year a masquerade, he is instantly enamored with a beautiful woman in a red dress. Rachel is charmed by him.  But she knows his reputation and that of his brothers and has no intention of being just another conquest.  She slips away at midnight, leaving only her mask behind.  Whe

Rachel is a social media expert and influencer. When she gets called in for an interview with the family, it turns out to be for the job of giving Bram a media makeover and cleaning up his public image. As they start to work together on the project of Bram, they also start to learn a lot more about one another. There are some funny moments and a seriously steamy scene.

This is a good story, with a conclusion that is very reasonable for a novella. I’ll definitely be reading the next book that comes out in the series. I also hope we’ll hear more about Bram and Rachel as the series progresses.

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