Mending a Malone

Mending a Malone
by Laylah Roberts

My review:

“Mending a Malone” is the 11th book in the ‘Haven, Texas’ series from author Laylah Roberts. Don’t worry that you’re joining this series late if this is your first book, because each one is written so it can be enjoyed as a standalone. Be warned though that you probably will want to go back and read more from this series after you finish this one.

Clem inherited property from her grandmother and despite everyone’s dismay, she intends to live there. Jaret is thoroughly aggravated by her plan, as well as by the fact that he finds her incredibly attractive. After his disastrous last relationship ended in humiliation, he’s still not ready to get involved with another woman. As the days pass, they each gradually develop new questions about the other. For instance, Clem cherishes her independence, so why does she sometimes find his bossy-ness so hot? And Jaret doesn’t want a relationship, so why does he want to be the one to help and protect her? And why does the steam practically rise into the air whenever they are together in the same room?

Clem and Jaret are both likable characters. She’s endearing and often hilarious. Jaret is cynical and grouchy – except when he’s trying to make up for his missteps around and about Clem.  Then he’s kind of awkwardly grumpy and his own special type of sweet. Together, they bring out the best in one another. The secondary characters on his side are a little wild and a lot of wonderful. When we meet secondary characters from her side, they are every kind of nasty. I loved the epilogue! I’m also hoping that somehow the author will figure out a way to let us know more about Clem’s sister.

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