Tequila Trails

Tequila Trails
by Jessica Mills & Ali Parker

My review:

“Tequila Trails” is the 5th book in ’The MacAllen Brothers’, an entertaining series by authors Jessica Mills and Ali Parker.  In this case, however, the series name is a little misleading. This story features Brenne, the only one of the eight MacAllen siblings who isn’t a brother at all.

Brenne is known by everyone as a tomboy and a ‘wild child’, but the love and lust she’s long carried for Alex is as girly as pink ribbons and rainbow glitter. After crushing on him since she was just a child, her adult dreams come true when he agrees to a “friends with benefits” arrangement with her. Alex always considered his best friend’s little sister as his own little sister … until suddenly, she wasn’t.  Alex is known by everyone as a good guy, a good friend, and a good veterinarian. When he’s around Brenne though, his thoughts and feelings are definitely of the bad boy variety. I don’t want to ruin the plot for you, so I’m trying not to say too much about specifics that would give too much away. It’s difficult to show that kind of restraint, because the story is a good one. It covers a lot of ground and does it with an excellent combination of exuberance and sadness, plus steamy scenes and lighthearted ones.

I thought “Tequila Trails” was extremely on-point in how it captured the array of complicated emotions that the main characters and key secondary characters were feeling. Each of them had different things to process.  I do have to say that the scenes when Brenne’s brothers find out about the relationship between their younger sister and Alex – well, talk about intense!  The authors did a great job dealing with it all without making it unnecessarily complicated or ruining the pace of the story. The epilogue provided a great conclusion to this part of the story of Brenne and Alex. I’m glad there are still MacAllen family members, whose stories are still to come.

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