Damaged Grump

Damaged Grump
by Nicole Snow

My review:

“Damaged Grump” is the 4th book in the ‘Bad Chicago Bosses’ series by Nicole Snow. If you’re familiar with this series, you’ll recognize the main male character. However, this book is written so it can be enjoyed as a standalone. This is an enemies-to-lovers story filled with a surprising amount of compassion along with the passion, and great heart along with the heat.

Roland Osprey is an arrogant, extremely wealthy man who seems to have ice water running through his veins. As the king of the Osprey Media Group, he’s a man who never hesitates to expose the dark and dirty secrets of people who are rich, famous and/or powerful. Callie Landry is the daughter of an’80s rocker who has a serious alcohol addiction. She’s also the new editor-in-chief of Just Vibing, a music industry magazine – now owned by Osprey Media.

Because of his accuracy with the ruthless information he prints about people, Roland is constantly being sued. He never loses those lawsuits though, because he makes sure to only print things that are true.  He’s long been set on destroying a man in the music industry who caused harm to somebody very important in Roland’s life.  As her boss, Roland utilizes Callie as a tool with which to facilitate that destruction of his target. Roland and Callie are each simultaneously put off and pulled in by one another. Complicating everything even more, the chemistry between them is incredibly intense, incendiary, and ultimately irresistible.

Roland and Callie are compelling, multifaceted characters. The author does a terrific job somehow redeeming the irredeemable Roland. I was surprised by the high level of emotions in certain areas of this story, and the authenticity of those emotions. I did think the book was a bit long in some areas, and a couple of points were made more than they needed to be. Still, I enjoyed the story and I thought it was wonderfully entertaining.

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